•  Revival spray

 Spray 30ml

A combination of herbal tinctures to stimulate a healthy reaction from all major organs of the body. Promotes warmth in winter. Rouses vital energy within the body.
Used to stimulate new borns who are failing to thrive...elderly and the weak/frail etc.
Suggested use: One spray directly into mouth when required. Repeat every 10-15 mins until improvement is seen.
Tincture of Capsicum: A general stimulant, the whole body feels the influence.
Tincture of Pepermint: Specific for stomach and intestines. Helps settle stomach and increase appetite.
Tincture of Elderflower: To help promote perripherial circulation.
Tincture of Kola Nut: To stimulate the nervouse system, lift mood and stimulate the brain.
Strenghens the heart by increasing muscular power. Contains Caffeine.
Tincture of Hawthorn: Heart suportive. Strenghthens heart muscle without increasing beat. Used to increase blood flow through the heart. Used by sportsmen to help sustain the heart and aid performance.
Not limted to horses, this will help any animal in need.

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Revival spray

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