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Realising that there were many horses out there needing a narrower boot on the rears Fusion have developed a new boot ..... the Ultimate Slims were introduced to the range.

The Shoe is based around the natural hoof anatomy and function; therefore it is flexible and conforms to the individual hoof and its bio mechanical function.

The shoe is used in general horse training, as a rehabilitation shoe or for protection on hard or uncomfortable surfaces.
The shoes are ideal for driving , or general performance / 

The Shoe protects the hoof and gives shock absorption in addition to letting the natural hoof expand and contract through a flexible and soft durable under sole. This flexibility in the shoe encourages a natural and comfortable step with natural balance, stability and dampening.
The flexibility of the shoe construction allows the shoe to adapt to the individual hoof shape even 
in motion providing comfort, balance,stability and dampening for the horse.

Hard shoes amplify shock and vibration and keep the hooves in a fixed or dynamic unnatural position and can cause the horse injury, pain and discomfort.  
A horse’s natural hoof is designed to flex and spread on impact, which pumps blood through the hoof keeping it healthy, absorbing shock and helping to promote good blood flow. When this is restricted the heart of the horse has to work harder to pump blood through its body.


size 7 : length 6.6–7.5cm  width up to 6.35cm

size 8: length 7.6–8.5cm width upto up to 7.35cm

size 9: length 8.6–9.5cm width upto up to 8.35cm 

size 10: length 9.6–10.5cm width upto up to 9.35cm

size 11: length 10.6–11.5cm width upto  up to 10.35cm

size 12: length 11.6–12.5cm width upto up to 11.35cm 

size 13: length 12.6–13.5cm width upto up to 12.35cm

size 14: length 13.6–14.5cm width upto up to 13.35cm

size 15: length 14.6–15.5cm width upto up to 14.35cm

size 16: length 15.6–16.5cm width upto up to 15.35cm  

click for Ultimate Slim printable sizing chart 

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Fusion Ultimate Slim Boots

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