• Crystal ID Tag

Crystal ID dangly tags....
A Multitude of uses for this little item
What better way to let show organisers / neighbours Know how to contact you should your horse have a problem whilst you are tucked up in your hotel room !
Attach to your carriage or saddle incase you and your horse get separated whilst out and about.
I believe the kennel club now insist on contact numbers left on dogs cages at shows too .
If this advert shows your phone number you've a freebie coming your way!

Minihorsesales colours with the brightest of bling, as one would expect from us  !!

You do not need to have a phone number, I am equally as happy to do a horses name, or a veterinary/ emergancy  warning ie
"I bite"
"I Kick"
"Nil by Mouth"
etc etc, the list is endless...the price remains the same.

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Crystal ID Tag

  • £8.50