Ever had to express mares milk in a hurry?.....you know "that" arm ache? and neck crick?.... the urgency and stress involved in making sure your new life gets what is needed as soon as is possible, but mum might need persuasion?
Take all that away with these "First Steps " part 2 kits.
A simple none invasive kit made up just for these occasions...not limited to miniature horses!
Simply attach two  pipes to the collecting bottle, pop the syringe on the teat end.
Attach the remaining pipe to the hand pump, and pump.
it is important to keep an even vacuum pressure so please watch the gauge and do not take it above the 10/15 psi mark.
Milk will flow easily into the collecting bottle , freeze using our colostrum freezer bags, or feed as needed whilst fresh.
An invaluable and innovative product for pure peace of mind during the foaling season.

This item is not limited to miniature horses, it can be used widely goats/cows/donkeys/full size equine etc etc......every breeding yard should invest !

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"First Steps" part 2

  • £38.00