Minstrels total lock down aka Boris. he is without doubt the best I have ever bred! his movement is not of a miniature but of a big horse! he has been to one show and took supreme. he is a sweet natured colt, that we want to remain as a colt/stallion! we think so much of this little chap! he is everything i have ever wanted to breed! a true scaled down horse in miniature! Uber refined,his dam is Ballykeppogue volcanic flame, who although has only been shown once , she had the highest elite grading marks mhoys! his grandsire the famous former miniature horse of the year volcanic ash of rothley!a stunning horse who i can see in Boris! his sire, well he needs no introduction!it is jackys stables fools gold brownie!brownie has martin boozers lines and little kings lines in his breeding,he has never ever been to a show in 4 years and not won a class! and im sure his son is going to follow in his footsteps!Boris has been kept in ten star luxury,we would like him to stay to ve


carol cooper
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Top class part bred AMHA coltTop class part bred AMHA coltTop class part bred AMHA colt