Absolutely bouncing with delight over securing the UK account as Jerald dealers.
Jerald have been gone off our radar for a while, but are now back in business  and we can supply!!
just drop me an email and we can get you fixed up with components, servicing, or a brand new vehicle!
View the Jerald Catalogue here
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We have had such a busy year, its been fun developing some exciting new products for you all to try!!

This year has seen the release of some top sellers for MiniHorseSales....let us share just a few of the hottest from start to finish!!
Remember, these are all available in our shop!!

Blast off!! ....a simple yet awesome hot and cold blower designed to not only blow all the dirt from a horses coat pre clip, it also can dry as it has a variable temperature

Saves a small fortune on blades as dirt is reknowned for blunting them. Shetland owners paradise, simply blow them clean no need for a shampoo each show!!

Take a look at the video clip showing this amazing product in action on a horse for the first time, they love the cold air on a hot day
MiniHorseSales Blower

Clip away all your troubles with the Andis  clippers featuring a quiet yet ultra effective motor and get professional results in no time.

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Hot Showers, totally portable units requiring no electricity and a minimum ammount of effort to get your minis sparkling!

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Dry off under our lovely toastie Solarium tunnels free delivery to the UK & Ireland

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Finally, give him/her the ultimate gift for presentation....meet our very own Frollar ™ presentation sets.
Fully trademarked and design registered protected items of equine clothing , unique to the UK and Europe. 

MiniHorseSales Frollars have featured on the front cover of The Miniature Horse World Magazine
Grateful thanks to Lizzy for all her hard work!